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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Every girl's dream come true

1. I cheated on my live in girlfriend with my ex-girlfriend, And when she found out she went out and slept with the first man She met, They have been living together now for over six months, And I am still trying to get her back.

2. Even though I am back with my ex girlfriend now,  I continue to stalk And harass her For leaving me, I don't really want her back I just don't want her to be with him.

3. I Put bleach into the gas tank of his sports car, I sent them both Text messages Nonstop Forcing them to change their numbers,  And I send Her e-mails every day Begging her to come back.

4. I created a fake Facebook account In her new boyfriend's name, And I would send her messages and she would think that it was him, And she would come to me telling me what a jerk he was based off of the messages I sent.

5. The Only reason why I got involved with her and asked her to move in is because she is a stripper, And she paid most of my bills, And even though she is very happy with her new boyfriend, I will not stop until they are broken up!

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  1. if I had a sports car, instead of an SUV I would sware you were my ec. But since your not.. if she is anything like me she knows & thats tbe only reason she is with him.


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