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Curiouser and curiouser

1. I have gotten off five times between yesterday & today, 4 times from masterbating.
2. My boyfriend is very good at eating out but it still takes me at least forty-five minutes to get off. He thinks its his fault when its really just that getting off is a very long process for me apparently.
3. I masterbate to deepthroat porn, I like watching the girls gag. I only watch lesbian porn.
4. I've ALWAYS wanted to have a serious and intimate relationship with another female but I was always too scared to approach that kind of situation. Probably becauase I asked my best friend if she wanted to be with me one night when we were high on coke.. things have never been the same between us. She said she had the same feelings before but since i waited so long to tell her, she had realized that I wasn't what she needed. It still hurts to this day.
5. I'm sitting with my bfs sister who I've had strange fantasies about.. I feel weird typing about it while shes here, turns me on weirdly..

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