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Childhood memories

1) When I was around 5 to 6 years old my cousin was at my house he was about 15 years old my brother had just left to the store right quick n I was playing outside then I went inside thw house n my cousin told me come over here he was in the bedroom he was watching porn n he took me to the restroom n I really can't  remember what happen.

2) when I was 11 me n my step brother used to play truth or dare n he dared me to lick the head of his dick, the next day we played again n he dared me to suck his cock for 1min but it lasted a lil bit longer bcuz I didn't want to stop.

3) when I was 12 years old me n my other cousin used to show each other our dicks n one day I wanted to try to suck a dick n he let me suck his.

4) when I was 14 me n some cousins went to mexico for summer vacation n me n my cousin still keeped messing around then I convinced his brother, my cousin to let me give him head he did n I enjoyed it so did he n this went on for 2 years. We c each other know n then at family parties n we act normal

5) my life isn't perfect like ppl think it is, ppl dont know that most of the time I feel lonely n sad n I sometimes wonder what if I died would ppl miss me would they really care or not.

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