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Definitely shouldn't

1) I'm a 13 year old girl..

2) my parents controll my life.. I just want to end it.

3) I know I'm young o experiece depression.. But I feel as though I am.. Not like my parents care.. They plan to ruin my life, so I mine as well end it right?

4) what they don't know is that I've cut myself...multiple times..

5) I want to end my life, I wonder if anyone would even care, or bother that I was dead.. No one in my family cares about me.. I guess you could say my friends some what do. I wanna take a knife and stab myself sometimes.. To get rid of the pain and the sadness my life gives me.. I'm always stressed out and I can't handle it anymore.... Should I die? Or Shouldn't I? I wish I had the guts to do it but I don't so here goes.. Oh and I plan on taking all these pills in my cabinet just to o.d. And die. Cud I can't pick up a knife. Oh well...

Admin Here:
Your parents may seem overly controlling, and really, they probably are. We live in a much more fear-based culture than generations past, and much of the freedom that teens and even children enjoyed in the last century has been sacrificed. It is normal to feel frustrated with this state of things -- it was not so very long ago that it was normal for women not much older than you to be married and starting families, and the many smaller freedoms that you are feeling the lack of have disappeared in the much more recent past.

Try to keep in mind that your parents are controlling your life because they are trying to protect you, not make you miserable. It is just as hard for adults to cope with our rapidly changing environment. It doesn't help that much of mass media ingrains the idea that around every corner there are child molesters, drug dealers, kidnappers, etc. Try to see the joy in small things and view this time of your life as a challenge you will overcome. With time your parents won't have control over your life anymore. If you end it before then, you'll never know what that feels like. Everything is going to be alright, you just have to give it some time.


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