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Manipulation is fun

Q. I feel kinda shitty lately cause this guy I really like is acting really weird, I went with him to party last night and we had so much fun, even tho at one point when we were high he told me to kiss him in front of this fat chick who kept bugging him I said I was not gonna be used but I kissed him anyway cause he is so kissable and cute, even tho I have a massive attraction to his best friend but his friend is a huge douchebag, but then the whole night I had to deal with that fat girl glaring at me and everytime I looked at him when we were not together, she was trying to mess with him and he would yell at her, it made me feel sooooo good. My last boyfriend treated me like shit and then left for a slut and now is trying to get me back but I like what I have with this new boy. He makes me have a huge smile all the time :D

W. I really wish sometimes this boy would just kiss me, I mean he does kiss me he just gets so nervous I want him to warm up to me and I wanna have sex with him eventually, sounds slutty but I like sex and he is super sexy. He said he would try harder to not be nervous but I don't see that happening, I have to make all the moves and that kinda sucks :(

E. I have decided that my boys best friend is pretty much the hottest guy on earth, when he walks its like slow motion and he is just so fuckable, I would for sure and he is so hott omg hah

R. I sometimes wish I never had my ex boyfriend cause he is harassing my new boy and threatening to kill him a lot. And that makes it tense for me and him. My ex boyfriend never looses a fight he is a trained mma fighter and a lot of his friends are. That part sucks cause the new boy is a lover not a fighter.

T. This sounds stupid and terrible and unbelievable but if I really put my mind to it I can make a guy fall in love with me, I've done it three times and then dumped them and they still try to contact me hah guys suck sometimes.

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