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Getting a head start

$ I raped my brother when he was little

$ I started doing cocaine when I was 10 and I'm
now addicted

$ i'm 14 and have had 7 sexual partners

$ if I cups kill my parents and get away with
it I would

$ I love to masturbate becuz nobody knows how to 
pleasure me but myself

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  1. $ Wow, what a way to start a post. I can't even comment on that one. Raping your brother? It had to have happened to you for you to even know what that was. Saddens me to think that.
    $ Cocaine is a very addictive drug. You might want to think about seeking help while you are still young and can make something of yourself. You don't want to end up being a crack whore on the street, or maybe you do. Either way I am sure you would benefit greater if you got of that stuff and went on with your life.
    $ At 14 I did not even know what sex was. However, I do realize that times are changing and girls are doing things so much younger these days. Another reason I never knew about things like sex or drugs is because my parents never did drugs and sure didn't have sex in my presence. They didn't even talk about that kind of thing in my house. We always had friends over and were playing crazy games, watching movies, having amazing girl talk, whatever we could think of to do besides drugs. Is that all young girls can think of to do now is have sex and do drugs?
    $ Why exactly would you kill your parents? Do you think they could have raised you better or given you more? I led a pretty sheltered life as a child but once I got out of my parents home I knew right from wrong. It seems as if your parents may have lost sight of parenting some. Don't hate your parents, I am sure they do what they think is best for you.
    $ If no one knows how to pleasure you but you then why not stick with you? At least for now anyways. I use to be the same way but once I got older I learned more and realized that it's not all on the other person to make things happen.
    So hope you will try to seek some kind of help for your drug addiction. You are way too young not to do something big with your life.


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