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1- I've always wanted to have sex with a girl. I've been attracted many times by some of them. I'm a 32 year old woman.

2- At the moment, I've got a "boyfriend" I actually meet only to fuck... We met a long time ago, when we were both philosophy students in the same university. Since I told him about my fantasy, he keeps trying to organize meetings with a girl or a couple, hoping we could have sex all together. His biggest fantasy is to have 2 women sucking his dick. He also would like to see me being fucked by another man and to fuck me with him. The big problem is I just don't want to do all this with HIM!!! He's so enthousiastic about this that I can't tell him... but still he's ending up to annoy me seriously as every phone call ends up around that matter.

3- with that same bf I've been to a private club where people come to have sex with strangers, with someone else's wife/husband... That almost made me sick. we done it with another couple... he fucked the girl, I fucked her bf. when actually I was only attracted by the girl with who I had started to kiss very sensually on the dancefloor... before my "bf" came to get his part from it... Just hate him for that.

4- Since I left my 6years long relationship's boyfriend, I've only acted like a whore, which doesn't normally resemble me... so, since last september, I've been fucked by about 25 or 30 men... no one really knows this fact around me. most of them men are people I've met on the internet, just for the purpose to have a fuck with strangers.

5- I'm a heroin and buprenorphine addict. No one knows, and surely not at my work place. I'm a manager in the human resources branch, working for French gov, and I do fixes in the toilets next to my office. I take a kind of pleasure to do this, thinking next door no one can ever imagine that their very serious, straight looking manager can do such things... love it really!!!

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