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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Not the furry kind

$ i can hide my hatred like no other, i can catch lies easily but never tell the other person they'r caught. Is this good or bad? I deal with a lot of stress because of this but it saves me from long term stress. Am i diplomatic or just too good at hiding? Please help

$ I hate this friend I had for almost 2 years now, she's funny, nice and fun to hang out with but she slept with a guy who had a gf of 6 years and got him to break up with her. I can never respect my friend specially when she talks shit about the guy's ex i feel such a rage to slap her and remind her that shes a home breaker.

I know this guy i have been sorta dating for a month or so lies to me. He's camping with a girl and told me he's going to be with friends. All i did was tell  him to have fun. I constantly remind myself that he's not the kind i wanna fall for and the drama of making him confront is worthless. In reality i do like him and wish he wasnt a slut.

$ i  need to buy a rabbit so bad, but am paranoid that they might deliver it when im not home and my family is. I dont want my family to know that im a freak and am addicted to long deep orgasms

$ my ex just got engaged with his girlfriend, am happy for them but really wish i had somebody nice to get serious with too. Someone who didnt lie, just simple and nice..atleast i didnt had to go through hiding any of my emotions from him. My ex's engagement got me to realise that im very lonely..

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