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Humble too

1. I'm a bueatiful big breasted girl at only 13. I have bueatiful thick chochlate brown, hazel eyes, long think eyelashes, carmel skin tone, and I have a tiny wiast. I get stares all the time and I love it. I'm deff one of the nost bueatiful girls in my school. I'm confident too. But the thing is I'm so nice. I help everyone popular or nerdy. I'm also a vegeterian. I want someone to suck my tits. To suck and suck like sucking on a strawberry.

2. I had a sex dream and loved it.

3. I love my best guy friend but idk if I'm in love with him.

4. My nieghbors do weed. I wanna try. But my mom wouldn't be happy but she may let it slide.

5. My tits are alwayss sooooo soreeeee. There still growing! Have u seen a short girl with huge boobs!!! well ths me. I hate people who judge other people! Screw those kind of people!

Love you k! Ur doing a gret job! If I copied this web site would you sue me......?:]

[Admin here: Yes.]

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  1. I quote from the footer of the website, "All content is owned by Steal it and risk the wrath of K."


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