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1) I love black men.  Not sure what it is about them but their skin just screamed to be touched. I love fucking black men and always have.  Just haven't done it in a very long time. I miss fucking black men.  

2) When I was younger I fucked lots and lots of black men.  I was gang banged several times.  There would be like 10 to 15 black guys in the room and as long as they had lots and lots of condoms I was down for whatever.  If I am in a serious relationship with a guy for a long time is the only time I will not use a condom.  That has only happened like 3 times.  I won't let myself get close enough to many guys.

3) Although I love having sex with black men I can never be in a relationship with one. My family would be so disappointed in me if I went back to dating black guys.  They aren't prejudice because they both have black friends, however they feel that being in a relationship with another race is not right.  I got knocked up by a white guy.  I love my baby girl with all my heart, but sometimes I wish I had never gotten involved with this guy. I think I did it mostly so that my family would see me with a white man.  Now I just wish he would disappear forever.  Me and my babygirl do just fine without him and what's the point in even showing your face if you only do it once a year?

4) Another reason I say that I can't date a black man now is because of the fact that I have a white baby.  No black man is going to want to be seen in public with white momma and white baby.  Everyone knows it ain't his.  I don't really want to be in a relationship with a black man though.  I just like having sex with them and hanging out.

5) The saying that black guys have big dicks is not completely true.  Yes, some of them do but some white guys have big dicks too.  Point being: Just because you see a black man, don't assume he has a big dick. After seeing lots of black dicks, I know they are not ALL big.

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  1. Your very welcome, K. I just get tired of hearing people say black guys have big dicks. I have seen enough of each to know that their are some white guys that have dicks bigger than the black guys. It's all about the genes not the skin color.

  2. What's amazing to me is that you think you and your family are NOT prejudiced.
    Maybe this will make sense- The assumptions and beliefs that you have about "black men" are not because of their race, but because of their upbringing and environment. There's not a whole lot of difference between men of any color if they are raised in the same place and way. If a man of color is raised in a low-crime neighborhood with all the benefits of a good education and a stable home life, he's going to turn out pretty much like all his "white" neighbors. A white guy raised in a low-income place where the streets are what make the rules is going to have the same ideas and attitudes as all of the black guys who grew up around him.Do you see what I mean? It's not the race- it's not the color of skin- it's the huge gaps between lives in our country- the horrible unbalanced fucked-upness of it all.

  3. hmmm. maybe I shouldn't let my dry sense of humor come out so much in titles...

  4. The fact that you actually think your family isn't prejudice simply because they have black friends, is amazing to me. Clearly you have a pre-judged notion about black men in relationships (and probably all men of other races for that matter), therefore making you prejudiced. It's not as bad if you can own up to it therefore allowing yourself to change your biased perceptions, but don't sit there and act like you're not prejudice just because you have sex with black men. When it comes down to it all that means is that you only see them worthy of animalistic behaviors, and unworthy of affection and meaningful behaviors. Get over yourself.

  5. Yes, I am well aware that it's all in where and how a man is raised. I realize that if a white man and black man were raised in the same environment they would pretty much be the same as far as attitude is concerned. I guess it's the ghetto attitude that attracts me. So I guess I shouldn't say I am attracted and like to have sex with black men cause I like white guys that are ghetto. I do not want to date them either. I would have to say you are right about the whole prejudice thing. I am picking out the whole race of black men. Guess I should not have been so excited in posting. I love to fuck ghetto men. Tough, thug acting ghetto men. However I can't be in a relationship with them because of that lifestyle. That's what attracts me yet that is what turns me away. This is five secrets and I realize this is strange, thus the reason I am posting here. I love hanging out and being on the edge of everything that happens on the wild side of life, however when I am home with my child I am a totally different person. When I get a weekend when someone keeps my baby I hang out with all my black friends and ghetto white friends. If that makes sense. I just don't want some of the things they do to be around when my child is around so therefore I have a set of friends that I am around when my child is home. I guess it's just my getaway ghetto personality. Who knows? Don't think down on me because of this post. I didn't mean anything bad by it. Although I said I love having sex with black men I guess I meant ghetto men. Guess the reason I made that post on that night was because I was hanging out with a black guy that I wouldn't mind fucking. He wants more, but he isn't the type of guy I want around my child on a regular basis. Not because he is black but because of the gangster lifestyle he leads.

  6. oh good on you for being so honest in your response. You didn't deny it or get venomous, you simply explained yourself and said, ya maybe i was wrong. It made me proud of you and i don't even know you :)

  7. Aw, thank you. Whoever you are. I like it when people are proud of me. Even if it is a stranger. I am a strong enough person to admit when I may be wrong. I don't get mad very easily. I am the most easy going person you have ever met. (or not met. lol)


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