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Thursday, July 1, 2010

I wonder what product you're selling...

* Sometimes I envy gay people.  They always seem so happy and like they always have things figured out.  I know this isn't true, in all cases, but it seems that way sometimes.

* I just want to be happy.  I guess for me, happy would be having sex with everyone that came around me.  I am not sure why I love sex so much but I could have sex 24 hours a day.  My pussy may be sore but I sure would love to try.

* I don't even get off during sex unless I stimulate myself so sometimes I wonder why I love sex so much.  I do alot of faking.  I want the guy to think he is doing something good.  Hell, it's not their fault if I am too focused on making the right noises and moving the right way rather than getting off.  I would love to have a man get me off without my help just once.

* So many times after I have had sex with my boyfriend I masturbate.  Simply because I didn't get off.  If we are in a position that I know I can't reach my clit, I just fake it so he will hurry up and go take a shower so I can masturbate.  As much as I love the intimate connection sex brings I just can't relax enough to get into it.

* As much as I love flirting with people it kinda scares me when someone says something sexual to me first.  If I want you, I will let you know.  That's the way I see it.  While at work today I had a customer call and he was asking about our product.  I could tell he was jacking off.  You can just tell when a man is doing that over the phone.  So he wanted to know every detail.  When I finally got frustrated with him after 30 mins of talking to him, I asked if he had a computer.  He said yes.  I told him that he could go online and see pictures and descriptions to help him better decide.  I knew he was playing then because he said "Suck my dick, bitch."  Don't get too many calls like that but when I do it scares me.  Never know what freak is sitting outside your window.

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