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I vote shy

5) Welll, I did it again.  Yep, I fucked my ex.  Don't understand why I can't stay away from him.  He is NO good for me yet I still go back and sleep with him.  How am I ever going to move on if I keep doing that.  Yet, it's so hard to tell him 'no'.

4) I feel like I really have no friends.  I know that everyone I hang around will talk behind my back and think bad things about me so if that is the case I don't really have any friends.  I just want a couple of 'true' friends.  I mean friends that you can tell anything to and they don't talk behind your back or look at you like you are crazy.

3) I am so financially unstable it is not even right.  I try to be independent and it never works.  I always have to ask for help from someone.  Right now I do not have a clue how my rent is going to get paid two days from now.  I am just hoping something comes up and I don't have to do some stupid shit to get it paid.  The couple people I have asked for help so far have turned me down.  I understand that people have their own bills or in one person's case they were already helping someone else at the time.

2) I can never be alone.  I always have to have people around.  Guess that explains why I keep going back to my ex for sex.  I only do that when I don't have anyone else to hang out with.  The sex isn't all that wonderful yet I still can't let go.

1) I have a friend (girl) that I want so bad.  The only problem is that I can't work up the nerve to really approach her.  Not sure why because I joke about doing it all the time.  Sex is all that I talk about with her.  Today she was telling me how wet her pussy gets when she is turned on.  It was all I could do to keep from just touching her to find out.  I guess she thinks I am joking when I tell her how sexy she is or that if she would give me the time of day she wouldn't regret it.  She tells me all the time how sexy I am too.  Guess that means she is either lying or she is just as shy as I am.

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  1. Update for 'I vote shy': Number one is coming to a close. This girl really wants me. She told me so tonight. So I don't have to wonder anymore. I am so excited but very nervous. I know she isn't all that aggressive but she did lean into my car window and kiss me twice today.


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