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More curves than a service road

- this is my third time posting and honestly I feel I'm addicted now. :)

- Miss K got me day dreaming about her all day at work having fantasies. I wish I could see her one day maybe we could discuss the Stacys Mom deal lol

- I have a secret thing for my chicks sister, the other day we messed around a lil and I honestly dnt know if it was a real sign to take it any further or what, I would love to fuck with her tho.

- I saw this female at work earlier and she was one of them type that u just picture urself fucking deep and dirty with. I couldn't stop staring at her breasts so fucken huge n perky in a sexy ass way. Her ass too, had more curves than a damn service road, damn thinking about her makes me wanna masterbate.

- my cousin who is like a brother to me and I just had an argument about a female he is with, truth is me and that female had a sexual relationship going but my cousin dnt know and idk how to tell em cuz everytime I tell em to stay away from her, we argue. She gives good head but gets around A LOT!

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