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Jealousy is the only vice that gives no pleasure

1. I despise my mother although she has never done anything bad to me. I don't like anything about her and if i could i would treat her like a nobody.

2. I have caught an STD more than twice.

3. I've cheated on all my boyfriends except the one i'm with now but he has two kids with his ex and even tho this happened before me and him i hate it.

4. I'm basically jealous of everyone around me, friends, friends of friends, family, Everyone.

5. On occasion I close my eyes while i'm driving hoping i'll crash and die or just wish that something would happen to me.

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  1. Your mother is part of a union that made you. You should always love and respect her. Condoms are not a sure fire way to not get an STD but they will help prevent it if you use them. Cheating is a good way to catch an STD. I have been in your shoes before though. There was a time that I could not be faithful. Yet now I have grown some and I know that it gets me no where to cheat. You can't help that your man has babies with another woman. Best thing I have learned to do is befriend the ex. There is nothing wrong with being nice. It always worked for me to keep the drama down. God made you just the way you are. He didn't make you like your friends or family. He made you, you for a reason. So you should appreciate what God gave you. Don't be jealous of everyone else. Believe it or not there is probably someone out there that is jealous of you. The whole driving with your eyes closed thing, not a good idea. Why would you want to die? Do you have a roof over your head and food in your mouth? I am sure you do if you are on the internet cause internet is not a necessity. So be happy with what you have and more will come to you.


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