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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No more hanging out in bed

I like someone who won't tell me he like's me back.  It's annoyin.

I wish we could hangout with out having sex all the time. I mean sometimes we hangout but then he just wants to fuck. 

I guess I must flirt a lot.. a lot a lot. More than I do now.

Idk why people think I'm using him as a rebound when I'm not! I actually like that guy.

My ex thinks I'm a bad mom and tells me I'm a slut. then tries to come back so we can have a family again.. fuck him. I don't need that shit.

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  1. 1) Maybe he doesn't tell you that he likes you back because he doesn't.
    2) I can relate to the wanting to hang out and not have sex. I have a friend like that. Sometimes I like being around him but I know before the night is over he is going to try to fuck me. I always break down and we do. I hate myself the next day.
    3) I am also a big flirt. Doesn't mean I want to fuck everyone I flirt with, but that's how most people read me.
    4) If you actually like him why don't you talk to him about it. If he says he doesn't like you that way then you need to move on and find someone that will respect you.
    5) Fuck what your ex says. My ex thinks I am a bad mom too. I know that my child is very well taken care of and as long as you know that as well then you have no worries. You are right: Fuck him, you don't need that shit.


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