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When you stop looking, love finds you

1. I'm in love with my fuck buddy that I've had for about a year on and off 

2.I tried to tell him I loved him the other day when we were in his car, my heart was beating fast and I was almost in tears, bcus its a big deal for me for me to tell a guy I love him, I truly mean it if I say it.he was scared bcus he thought I was gonna tell him that I was pregnant, and I told him that wasn't it, and I couldn't spit it out bcus I knew I would probably get rejected and he has the power to really hurt me so I didn't say it...

3. My heart is always hurting, I have so much passion and love to give but I don't have the right person, and I love sex too if I had the right person they would b a happy man.

4. I've decided that I'm not gonna have sex with my fuck buddy anymore. Partly bcus I kno that wen I do this I can pretty much have him on his knees begging for me, and it makes me feel good like I'm wanted by him and I have sumthing to finally make him give me affection for once and pay attention to me..but the main reason is bcus I just get too many feelings for him and he never has feelings back like he just uses me all the time, and that hurts me so bad bcus I've grown to love him and we've got to kno eachother and I enjoy hanging out wit him wen he's not flirting wit my friends, and it makes me feel like a piece of shit cus all I am is a piece of ass to him most of the time...I don't mean to brag but I really do have the body of a porn star and am very attractive to most men..I am also smart and culd b the best girlfriend in the world,,so I hate that every guy wuld do anything to b with me except for my fuck buddy...I sumtimes cry wen I think about how he doesn't giv a shit about me at all wen I wuld do so much for him and I care about him....

5. I wish he wuld see this post bcus he wuld know it was about us but I know he doesn't get on this site....I wish I culd tell him how I felt but I wuld just get hurt and rejected once again.. and all this is truly pathetic but I just needed to get it out and move on so thx five secrets

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  1. I think that you should just tell this guy how you feel. If he doesn't feel the same you should move on. If you say you have the body of a porn star then you sound as if you have confidence in yourself. You need to respect yourself as well and stop giving it up to a loser. Or maybe he feels the same but is too scared to tell you. The only way to find out is to talk about it. If he has been your fuck buddy this long he has to have some feelings for you by now. Stop being scared and just talk to him.

  2. Don't make someone ur priority when ur only an option. That was the best advice anyone has ever giving me. I had the exact same problem its been 5 months since I told him I loved him nd 3 months since the last time Ive heard from him.


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