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Left with a babyraper

1.When I was younger my babysitter forced me to have sex with her...She was 16 and I was 10.I'm a guy.
2.I like one of my best friends,and just want to take her away from all the pain she has been through,and be the one she can be happy with.
3.I have had female cousins ask me if they can sleep wit me.
4.My father tried to kill me and my older brother (that's not his child)when we were younger.
5.I wish that I could have one of my ex's back cause I still love her

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  1. You say you've had cousins ask you for sex, have you given in to any of them??

  2. 1. That was sick for your babysitter to do that. Your parents trusted her to take care of you and she failed.
    2. Why don't you tell this to her. She may feel the same way. You will never know until you say something.
    3. For your cousins to ask you to sleep with them is a little scary. I know this happens all the time but it's still not right.
    4. Why would a father try to kill his own child? That is sad. Hopefully you are either grown and away from him or he is out of your life. If he would kill you then he obviously didn't love you. That is sad.
    5. Thought you wanted to be with girl in #2? Now you want your ex. You can't have both. Whichever you decide, neither will know unless you talk to them about it.


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