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Lil Wayne on the brain

1. I went on a mixtape website and and came across Lil Wayne's The Leak: Reloaded, and I'm not kidding I literally almost had an orgasm. His face looked all vampire-y and ohhh... Well, I'm even more in love with him. 
2. I have the very best sex dreams ever. I bet some people wish they could me just because of that. 
3. I know this girl, Claire. She's like fifteen and already weasr makeup and shit and she hates me. You probably wouldn't be able to tell right off the bat, but she hates me. But I hate her. A lot. 
4. With sunscreen and envelope moistener I can make fake cum. I'm sending some to Shane Dawson. 
5. I sleep till two o' clock dreaming of Lil Wayne and his sexual self... *pant, orgasmic splat*

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  1. There is really nothing to say about this post except be for real. LOL. What is the point of making fake cum? Why would you even think of something like that. Bored kids these days. They do anything I guess.


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