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Big Beautiful Woman

1. I cry myself to sleep everynight
2. I spend every day trying to make my mom happy again, she's depressed and I can't do it.
3. I'm afraid of everything
4. Sometimes I wish internet relationships would never progress, sometimes reality sucks
5. I'm 270 pounds, I'm on a diet but if I don't do well I eat. Then I feel guilty and eat more. I hate myself

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  1. 1. I use to cry myself to sleep alot. I made some much needed changes to help with that.
    2. You seem as if you may have a touch of depression as well. Maybe you and your mother could go seek help together.
    3. There is no reason to be afraid. I have had some fears lately myself. I rememeber that there is a higher power that will help me when I feel afraid.
    4. Yes reality does suck. Maybe you should start getting out and meeting people in other ways instead of the internet. Not always a good idea.
    5. I know where you are at. I use to be 280 10 years ago. I am now 190 and can't lose anymore. I still feel like I am 280, I still see myself that way. It's not about dieting. It's about making a lifestyle change. You have to change so many things when it comes to eating. You have to know how to recognize when you are hungry and not just emotionally eating.


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