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Sounds like best friend has some feelings of his own

. I think I might have feelings for my best friend but I don't know if my parents will approve because he is black. But it's my life I just wish I could stand up to them the way I think I can

. I am attracted to my best friend, muscles personality how he treats me, but somedays I'm not attracted to him at all cuz of his looks

. I lost my virginity and I liked it, but I'm so scared to try it again

. I hate how my best friend hates any and every guy I talk to or hang out with

. I hate my anxiety attacts becuz I hate what I think and how I cry soo long for hours

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  1. . If you think that you have those feelings it never hurts to see if there is anything there.
    . Sometimes we are more attracted to a person's personality than their looks. My ex boyfriend was super sexy but he was so hard to get along with. However, my current boyfriend is really cute but not as hot as my ex but I love him so much more because is personality is awesome.
    . Not really sure how old you are but losing your virginity is a serious thing. Actually every time you choose to have sex with someone it shouldn't be some random person. There are too many things out there that soap and water won't take off.
    . Maybe your bestfriend doesn't like any guys you hang out with because he likes you. If your parents love you like they should then you should give this guy a try if he feels the same way about you. Your parents will understand that you can't help who you fall in love with.
    . Anxiety is never fun. I have panic attacks myself. I just pep talk myself until it's over. I know what you are going through. Sometimes taking a few deep breaths helps more than anything.


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