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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes

1. I got married knowing it would never last but just because I hate being alone, it seemed convenient and I thought eventually it would fix itself I did it anyway.
2. My husband started being extremely abusive. Not just mentally like I told everyone. One night he hit me so hard in the face I thought my teeth were going to fall out.
3.I found out I was pregnant had an abortion and lied to him that I needed surgery to remove a cyst on my ovarie.
4. While I was still recovering he went out of town and not only did I cheat on him... I moved out behind his back while pretending to still be at home.
5. I'm still in love with the abusive bastard and to keep from going back I've started screwing a co-worker, abusing my adderall, xanax, and ambien, doing other illegal drugs and drinking every night with a girl friend that wants to be my girlfriend just so I can feel loved... even if it isn't real.

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  1. 1. I had a marriage much the same way. I wanted to get out of my parents house so bad but couldn't make it on my own. So, yes I got married to a much older man.
    2. My ex husband was mentally and emotionally abusive. He never laid a hand on me and your husband shouldn't either. You should never be with someone that puts their hands on you like that.
    3. I do not believe in abortion but I can somewhat see why you made that choice. It was best that you not bring a child into an abusive relationship.
    4. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do to get out of a situation. You were desperate to get away and that's what you felt you needed to do. Nothing wrong with that.
    5. I am sure you have plenty of people that love you. Try to focus on yourself. Getting off all the drugs may help to clear your mind and help you evaluate the situation better. I know that's easier said that done because I have had an addiction to one of the drugs you listed. It's not easy to overcome but you can with a little willpower and determination.


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