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The long awaited sexual peak

1- I have been helping a friend see another man other than her husband for about two weeks now.  I feel really bad about it but I knew she wasn't happy with her husband.  I kept trying to tell her to just leave and not string him along.  He now knows about the other guy but doesn't know that I am the 3rd wheel that has been getting them together the past two weeks.

2- This same friend wants to move in with me.  I told her that she could but not while my boyfriend was at my house.  If he is at my house she will have to go somewhere else.  I feel really bad about telling her that but I really don't want her to stay with me at all.  I have a feeling that if she is staying with me she will expect me to hang out with her all the time and I don't want to be tied down like that.

3- I suddenly have a fetish for young boys.  I don't mean like under 18 or anything.  I mean like 18 to 22.  It makes me feel good to know that young guys are attracted to me like that.  At 33 I still look like I am 18.  When I tell these guys how old I am it amazes them.  They continue to hit on me because it's an adventure to sleep with an older woman I guess.

4- I had sex with a 22 year old tonight.  He used a black condom and I have never seen any shit like that before.  It was actually amusing to me that I could pick any color I wanted. (almost)  I picked black simply because I have never had a big black dick before.

5- I don't even feel bad about cheating on my boyfriend.  In fact, I was on the phone with my boyfriend while this younger guy was rubbing on my tits.  It actually turned me on to be sneaking like that.  Also my boyfriend came over 2 hours after I had sex with the other guy.  Not sure what is so thrilling about younger guys.  I am not that much older.  Just something about having an 18 year old or 20 year old hit on me.  I like it.

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  1. Sounds like my type of woman, I've always fantasized about being with an older woman

  2. Well, it's definantly a great experience for me anyways. I love being with younger guys. They are more willing to do things you suggest. Sometimes younger guys get attached way to fast though. You should get out there and look for that older woman. How old are you?


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