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Married with children

1: I hate my wife.  Ever since we had kids she has become a fat, lazy slob who doesn't clean, get dressed up, wear make up, or in any other way make an effort to look good.  She knows I am trapped in the marriage my my commitment to the kids and she takes advantage of that.  I have to work all day and then come home to do 90+% of the house work.
2: My wife gets very jealous that I have a better relationship with our daughter than she does.  My daughter is very affectionate with me, and likes to spend time with me, but not as much with her.  She gets mad to the point of blaming me and being all passive aggressive about it with me.
2: I haven't been sexually attracted to my wife for years because she is so gross.  A year ago, I started having an affair with her close friend who is cute, funny, affectionate, and takes very good care of herself and her house.  She is all the things I wish I had married.
3: Before my wife's friend, I had cheated on my wife at least 5 different times in the 14 years we have been married.
4: My secret lover and I are going to a swinger's club in a few weeks :)
5: I'm sure my wife is a lesbian because she only masterbates to lesbian porn, lots a lot of lesbian themed shows and secretly corresponds with a hard core lesbian friend of hers (she thinks she is keeping it secert).  I wish she would just hurry up and leave me for that chick.

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