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The most terrible poverty is loneliness

1. I'm a complusive lier. I don't know how to stop and whats worse; I'm a terrible lier.

2. I'm self sabotaging the best relationship ever and I don't know to stop.

3. I make myself sick with unnecessary stress and anxiety.

4. I hate being alone and my boyfriend leaves me alone all the time. I won't cheat but I am lonely.

5. I hate myself.

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  1. 1. It's crazy that you would say you are a liar in the first secret. Now we don't know if we can believe anything else you say.
    2. You need to step back and evaluate the situation. I was once in that position. You have to ask yourself if this person you are with deserves the things you do to them. If the answer is no, you have some changes to make. Look within yourself and find out what the problem is. Whether it be self esteem issues or a broken childhood there are ways to repair your heart and mind.
    3. We all have stress and anxiety in our lives. Sometimes it becomes unbearable. There may be times that you need to seek medical help if you have not already.
    4. Feeling lonely is not fun. Why do you not go hang out with your friends when your bf leave you? There is always someone else in need of a friend at the same time you are. Go out to dinner, go see a movie. Don't just sit and wait for your bf to come back.
    5. You probably feel this way because of number 1 and until you get that under control you are going to be so unhappy. Start telling people the truth and see what happens. You will be much more happy.


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