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Moving on without moving on

1. I don't know what I feel for my ex..we've been broken up for almost 5 yrs now. It ended so badly. But I can't keep him outta my mind. I'm friends with his step sister on fb and just found out that him and new gf are expecting. Granit,I have a daughter of my own,and an awesome bf I'm going to marry in october.
2. I stock my ex and his fg on fb all the time...she looks just5 like me sept with an extra 20 or 30 lbs.
3. My bf looks like my ex too,sept there's a 5 in difference and my dude has brown eyes not green
4. The name I gave my daughter is the name my ex and I picked out for our children if we were ever to have any.and now I wonder if he'll chose the same name too if they have a little girl.
5. I swear I really want to let go of my ex so I can focus all my time and love of my bf. He truely is amazing and takes great care of me and our daughter. I truley love him so much,he desrves way better then me.

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  1. 1. Its normal to think about exes occassionally but obsessively isn't good. It does sound as if you have a good life with your child and boyfriend. Sometimes it's hard to completely let go of someone.
    2. I do not add exes as friends but I have to say that I will go to their pages and look at as much as I can. I wouldn't call that stalking. You are curious about his life and how he is doing now.
    3. You seem to be obssessed with your ex. There has to be some reason you can't let go. If he treated you badly there is no reason for you to want to stay. He doesn't deserve you and you should be happy with your new bf and child.
    4. Let's just hope he doesn't name his daughter the same as your daughter. That would be kinda weird.
    5. There is no reason for you to say he deserves better than you. You are just having a hard time letting go. I can understand that. You just have to learn to block all thoughts of your ex. You have a new life with your bf and there is no reason for you to even think about him anymore. Once you do this for a little while it will get easier and easier to ignore thoughts of him.


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