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Sunday, July 18, 2010

My boyfriend the felon

@ I finally broke it off with my boyfriend the felon. I was just using him for money. He was the type who never liked to be wrong, even though he was. Alot. When I would try to explain these things or change the subject, he would call me a bullshitter or a stupid bitch. I know i deserve waaaay better than that.

@I wish I hadn't told the dj the truth. I kick myself everyday because of it. He was so perfect for me but I told him I was seeing the felon and he blew me off. Bit I needed the felon, he would give me anything I asked for. Damn you dj! I don't want to text him all the time begging him....I know that would make me look bad.

@I have an interview at a place where a guy I used to have 3 ways with works at. He got kinda fat tho, and the other guy went to jail. He's still kinda hot tho, but has a kid and I'm looking for something serious as he's probably looking for a fuck.

@ I've never had problems with my body or image, but now I'm starting to fear getting fat. I've been thinking about throwing up my food after i eat it. I havent done it yet tho. Yet.....

@ I am however excited for new things happening in my life! Things are really looking up for me. I'm glad i got rid of that trash felon, even tho the sex was amazing! But the bad ones always know how to do it right because they're sex addicts. They always find a way to turn the convo into sex, and I'm so over that shit.

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