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Numbers only matter in math

1*I'm secretly attracted to girls.. I dont think I'm by but I definately want to experiment..

2*I love rough sex, bondage, role play.. but my current boyfriend and I havent done any of those things. We have a great sex life but at the same time I want to branch out. I'm afraid of what he'd say if I bring it up though.. he thinks I'm sexually conservative.

3*My ex told all his friends about our sex life and now his friends are approaching me wanting to hit. 

4*I secretly want to have a 3some with another girl and my boyfriend, but it'll never happen.

5*I'm 21 and slept with 8 guys. Is that bad?? I feel ashamed and consider the number too high..

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  1. im 21 and ive slept wit more than 20... but i liked it oh well

  2. I will soon be 30 and by the time I was 21 I had lost count of the number of guys I had slept with. It was probably around 25 or 30. Yes I went through some wild days. Doesn't make or break who I am today. I am married to a wonderful man and have been for 4 years. Never once have I thought of cheating on him. So you will find your place. Don't think you are a bad person because you have had sex with more than one person at 21 years old. When that right person comes along you will know and you will spend the rest of your lives making each other happy.


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