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- I am so scared I have already or will soon catch an STD.  I can't stop having sex with random people.
- For the most part I use a condom every time but there has been that time or two that I didn't.
- I hate myself for the things I do to my body.  Why can't I just stop having sex? I don't understand.  It's like an addiction.
- Really I want to live a life without sex and do the things I need to do to be a better person.  However, every time the situation arises I take it.
- I know that some people get upset to hear someone say they are addicted to sex, well I think I am.  I can't say no.  If the person is cute I go for it.  I don't think twice about it until after the act is done. 

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  1. i have the same problem and i hate it but cant stop and i can't tell any of my friends if you wanna talk my email is maybe we can help each other out because I don't want to get an STD

  2. Well, I think that may just be your ploy to get some kind of sexual thrill from me. Whether that mean finding out where I live, getting pics from me or whatever. I ain't falling for that niggyshawn. Sorry. I think I need someone that isn't in the same boat with me to help me out. Someone who is just like me isn't going to help me get away from the actions. Thanks anyways. Hope you can find the help you need somewhere if that's what you are really seeking.


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