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Imagination isn't always a good thing

1. I have known my best friend for 3 years
my friends say we act like a married couple
he knows everything about me, you would think
I would love that and be more than best friends
with him but I have commitment issues, 

2. I'm 16 and lost my virginity to the one

3. My very first boyfriend broke my heart soo
many times and I think I still might have feelings
for him, my best friend hates his guts, but deals
with him because he will be his quaterback next

4. My parents think I'm a perfect little angle, but
I started dating in 6th grade and regret it. I feel
like it messed up my whole life.

5. Some times I imagin people dying, and I can't stop
crying. And sometimes I imagin me dying 
and and when my life is going bad I wish it was true...

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  1. 1) It is awesome to have a best friend of the opposite sex. You can help each other out with relationships however sometimes emotions get involved and the two may end up liking each other. This is good sometimes too because you were friends first. Could possibly be meant to be at some point.
    2) Virginity is something very special and you must have really liked this guy to give it to him.
    3) You should never let one guy break your heart more than one time. I have always put 100% in a relationship. If I tried my best and things didn't work out I didn't go back. Whatever problems cause you to leave are more than likely going to be there when you go back.
    4) You should be more focus on your education right now. Guys will come and go but you can't let them control what you think and do. Be independent and then whoever you are with will love you that much more.
    5) Death never solves anything. It only causes more misery. Death is inevitable, it will happen to us all but we should never wish that on ourselves or anyone else. You are still young and have so much to look forward to.


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