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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Problem child

* I feel like my son is headed for a life of crime or either he is going to be gay.  Not sure.  I have to leave him with a babysitter at night and the lady is very good to him.  However she has a daughter that is just BAD.  She teaches my son stuff that a 5 year old should never know.

* It embarrasses me that my son wants to paint his nails.  He will hit me, kick me, bite me, pinch me and every other mean thing you can think of yet he is always found in my drawer with my nail polish.  He didn't start doing this until he came home one day from my friend's house and her daughter had painted his nails.  I wish there were someone else I could get to keep him while I work, but no one else is going to keep him for free.

* My son is very mean to me since he started staying with my friend.  He will say some mean and hurtful things.  He hasn't started cussing and I hope he don't.  He calls me ugly, fat and says he hates me all the time.  He just started doing this since he has seen my friend's daughter do it to her.  I hate it but like I said, I can't take him to anyone else that is going to keep him for free.

* My son use to be super smart.  He could spell anything you asked him to spell at 2 years old.  Now he is 5 and it seems as if some of his smartness is slipping away.  Maybe it's just because our lives have changed and I don't get to spend as much personal time with him.  I am a single mother now and I have to work.  So therefore I don't get to spend every waking moment with him like I did the first 3 years of his life.  He has learned new things along the way, but it seems as if all the old stuff has faded.  He can still read whatever he wants to read but he can't spell something out loud anymore.

* It worries me some days that my son has imaginary friends.  He talks to them constantly.  He also is fasinated with roads.  He knows every road in the town we live in.  So when he is home or anywhere for that matter, he is constantly pretending to drive his imaginary friends around town.  He says what road he is turning on and pretends with them.  Maybe it's just because he is an only child.  Maybe that is why he does these things.

Bonus:  I worry that any changes in my son are caused by me.  He started changing when his father and I seperated.  I guess he had to get adjusted too. He can be so bad some days though.  He starts kindergarten in one month so I guess we will see what kind of behaviour he has in school.

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