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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Prostitution doesn't really work that way

1. My first sexual experience was with my cousin. We didn't have sex but he layed me down and fingered me. I was 11 and he was 15. Since then I was always curious about sex so I lost my virginity when I was 14 in a dugout to my middle school boyfriend. I broke up with him after that and never talked to him or saw him again. I met someone a couple months later and I told him I was a virgin because he said he was a virgin. We "lost our virginities' behind an electronics store in broad daylight. We haven't been together for 5 years (we remain friends) & I never told him I wasn't really a virgin.

2. I sometimes think about having sex for money because I have a lot of sex with different people anyway. I enjoy it and so do they so why not get paid for it right? I don't know how to get into something like that but if I knew how I would (I think). I don't want to be like a hooker that stands on the corner and fucks anyone. I want to pick the guys that get to fuck me just like I do now.

3. On the well known 0-10 attractiveness scale I check out every guy that is above a 5. I think about what kind of fuck they are  (especially if they are with their girlfriend or wife). In the order of teeth, crotch area, body type and shoes is what I base their rank. As shallow as it sounds I care more about teeth, muscles and penis size than I care about smarts or personality. I just want to fuck them.

4. If I hear from a girl that a certain guy has a big penis or he's good in bed. I make it a mission to see for myself. Most of the time those girls are fucking liars.

5. I see girls in porn that get fucked by 5 guys at one time and I wish I was her to see what that is like.

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