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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sheep go to heaven

1.  Yesterday I tried a hallucinogenic drug called 2ce.  It was my first time with a true hallucinogen.  I've had mdma, salvia, and of course pot but those aren't as intense.  It was incredible.  I loved having my perception changed to such a degree.  I still feel amazing.  Happy and light.  Things look brighter.  I can't wait to do it again at a higher dose (I took the lowest recommended dose)  And try other hallucinogens.   Of course not anytime too soon, that isn't something you want to do to yourself all that often..)

2.  My boyfriend and I are very much in love after almost 5 years.  I just wish he didn't have kids, didn't get so grumpy when things don't go exactly as planned, didn't shout at video games so loudly, wasn't so obnoxious and out of control when drinking, and was a bit more handsome.   He's not bad looking by any means.  But to be fair, I am out of his league.  Regardless of these small shortcomings I am so grateful for his companionship.

3.  I fantasize about young girls.  Not kids, girls in their late teens.  I'm a 23 yo female.   I'd love to have sex with a cute 17-19 yo!  But most young girls are so inexperienced they don't realize how much fun it would be, and I think intimidated by older women.  I was at that age anyway.

4.    I am a terrible procrastinator!  I avoid even the simplest, easiest tasks.  Then i lie about why i didn't do it.  I think I'm just depressed but I don't know how to go about motivating myself.  I'd rather just lay around watching movies on Netflix than anything else.  

5.  I think most people are stupid sheep.  Not that they aren't interesting at times.  A part of me would be happy to become a hermit and never have human contact again.    

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