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I wouldn't be happy either

One: I love my man, but I hide the fact that I am not happy because we never have sex anymore.
Two: I also hate the fact that he tries to control me. He constantly calls me stupid because I don't make the same decisions he would make. Keep in mind he is twenty years my senior.
Three: he is also addicted to porn. He cannot go a day without watching it, but will deprive me of sex all the time. He jacks off all the time when I'm not around. That makes me feel like I can't do it for him. And I don't understand b/c I'm very attractive, and many men compliment me.
Four: he always try to say I'm jealous because I do not like him talking to his ex all the time. Which I'm not. But why would he. Do something so mean if he knows it hurts me.
Five: I still love him but wonder will I ever be truly happy with him. Sex life, communication and all. I know he's going through a lot of stuff. Financial problems, becoming a grandfather, and working two jobs, bur why does he take it out on me.

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  1. Yea, my bf does the same, he is a swine. I got use to being sexually deprived. The truth is , I feel he is wasting my time when he actually wants to have sex because it lasts for about 1 minute ( seriously,I have timed him) . Scary thing is he likes extreme porn,its disgusting. Just wanted to say, your not alone and there is nothing wrong with you.

  2. i can relate to you ex is a sex addict and he likes to watch porn alot too and he masturbates alot and when i was with him we would have sex everyday its like you get used of it but they only satisfy themselfs..but now recently i had sex with him and he comes fast he wont last 3minutes i get discusted and hate myself for having sex with him he shouldnt waste your time there is plenty of fish in the water.


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