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A long three years

1} I was SO totally IN love wit my ex b/f... but we BOTH messed up and cheated... he cheated on me wit his baby momma and when I found out about that I cheated wit his bro : / then afta that we went on a break 4 a whileeee and got back 2getha... we moved in 2getha and I thought everythin was fine... until he strtd 2 ignore my son and I and cared MORE about his stupid cell and his damn laptop ugggh how I 
HATED them things! Who the hell knew u could b so jel of a cell and laptop lol.

2} he strtd tryin 2 become more like a father then a lover so I went 2 a frnds house and kissed sum1 I knew frm high skl ( I was totally trashed) but b4 this happnd he was callin me and makin me feel like shyt 4 bein wit my frnds the ENTIRE nite... he found out about that and decided 2 give me anotha chance... everythin was STILL the same... him and his cell... and me and my son... he would constantly tell my son 2 go in his room and play... idk y... my son is so loving and caring and not a bad kid at allll... so... we stood 2getha 4 whileeeee longer until he decided 2 go ona trip 2 Florida wit his frnds and family and I just felt weird the wholeeeee time... he hardly called or texted... I was ALWAYS callin and missin him... and then he went 2 days witout callin and textin me... the day he was comin home he said his phone fell in the water... funny how rite b4 he came home his phone "magically" strtd wrkn again.... so... in a fit of rage I went 2 c that same high skl frnd and let him go down on me 4 about 2 sec b4 I freaked out and kicked him and strtd cryin bc I realized wut I was doin once AGAIN!!!!

3} Bc wut I have done and wut I knew was prob done while he was away I broke it off wit him when he got back.... I neva even went 2 c him and he was gone 4 about a week and a half... one day I went MySpace surfin and found out frm sum comment that ppl left that in fact he went 2 c his ex g/f who lived in Miami whea he went.... I was GLAD I did wut I did and we were done! We were broken up 4 a whileeee a few months... the longest I've eva been witout HIM! eventually we strtd tlkn again and I "thought" we were gonna b 2getha... we "wrkd on things" 4 about 6 months...

4} I asked him alllll the time when were we goin 2 b 2getha.... his famous wrds "soon" we looked at an apt... we said "I love u" we called one anotha "babe" we did EVERYTHIN a normal couple would do...obv had sex.... and then... I strtd 2 c a lot of things changin... he wouldn't text me back or ignore my phone calls... he told me I couldn't chill wit him and his frnds bc he was scared I would try and "fuck" them hahahahah yeaaa OK! I eventually found out that he was "wrkn on things" wit me and sum otha grl... sum grl he grew up wit... sum grl we had trbl wit in the past... now we have been broken up 4 a few months and I have reason 2 believe that he stole my ATM card and took MAD $$$ frm me... and I found out about a wholeeeee bunch of other lies...

5} and my BIGGEST secret of allll... we have had our up's and down's and I ALWAYS went back but this time I'm DONE! I'm wit sum1 else and I'm SO happy!!!! We r planning on movin in 2getha soon and strtn a lil family of our own along wit my beautiful son.... life lesson 2 everyone... dnt EVA trust a man... I was wit him for 3 yrs and we were suppose 2 b a family... 

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