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Friday, July 2, 2010

The simple life

1) This is my first time posting and i have to say i love this site. I check it almost every single day. The women on here with their fantasies are a real turn on. Almost every one i hear makes me want to have massive sex.

2)My girl and are are planning a threesome sometime this summer, we are however missing the other female.I am 24 and she is 20. I love my girlfriend but she wants to explore what another female is like and wants me involved. How could i say no =)Its been tough because she has a particular taste, but I'm diligently searching for that someone. To be honest i have suggested some females i know who are attractive and she has turned them down. I sort of feel that since i know these girls she doesnt trust them. I need a stranger. Anyone in the tristate area??

3)I am sexually frustrated!! We don't have the time to have sex like before, so i find myself constantly horny. Its been so bad that i have had to masturbate at work just to calm myself down. I'm hoping that this threesome can really release some energy but we'll see.

4)I am experimenting with weed a bit. I only tried it once before and have always wanted to again. Now that i have ways to get some im going to do it more and more.

5)I wish i could quit my job and start school over. The problem is i make good money doing what i do. I work like 50 to 60 hours a week and i travel for a lot of it. I want things to be simpler.

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