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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Smiling is good

I'm bored at work so here are some secrets:

1.My family is religious and they don't know I don't believe in god. 

2.Funny thing is I'm still a virgin but I don't get down because I am.

3. Since my job is so boring and I need no supervision I masturbate at work.

4.I wish I could have sex with my cousin. I'm a guy n she's a I wish I could get her doggy style and pound the heck out of her. She has a nice pair of jugs. Evrrytime she comes over or we're together I get excited.

5.I think I have low self esteem since I've been told I'm ugly all my life. I look in the mirror all the time but I see nothing ugly, maybe because I'm older,21, and lost a lot of weight. Now at school there's certain girls that stare at me but idk if its because I'm ugly or I'm good looking, evrrytime I say hi they smile.sooo?

Hope you enjoyed my secrets.

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  1. 1) I saw someone else post this before but if you don't believe in God you don't believe in yourself cause he created you.
    2) There is no reason to be down because you are a virgin. That is something to be proud of.
    3) I have that same issue. I don't do it often but I have no supervision at work and if I feel the need to masturbate, I do.
    4) Doing your cousin is just nasty. You should shoot for a girl that isn't kin to you.
    5) You have to love yourself before anyone else can love you. If you don't see ugly when you look in the mirror then forget what anyone else says.

  2. Intolerance toward non believers is just as bad as intolerance toward other religions, races, and sexual orientations. I went ahead and posted your comment because it is obviously well intentioned, but in the future please keep the preaching off my site.

  3. Okay, to the poster, I am sorry if I came off as being rude on my first point. Was not my intention. I do acknowledge the fact that not everyone shares the save views as myself.
    Kelly, I am sorry that I made that statement. Was not intented to push my beliefs on someone else, but I guess that is exactly what it looked like. I respect the fact that not everyone shares the same religious beliefs as myself. In fact I enjoyed learning of other religions in school. Guess I should have been more considerate and though 'Well maybe this person doesn't think God created them.' My bad, honey, I won't do it again. I promise. :)


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