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Monday, July 19, 2010

Step One: Deactivate Facebook Account

* all of my friends are pentecostal, and even though i was raised tht way and im not aNymore i long to b just like them.

* when i was little me and my stepsister experimented wit each other and now she is a bisexual and i feel i am to blame....i have no sexual attraction to girls whatsoever.

* i am obsessed with my husbands ex girlfriend and i stalk her to the fullest everyday...idk why i do it, i want to secretly b her friend jus so i can hurt her in anyway possible...shes is no threat to me she is not even pretty...

*i am totally addicted to facebook and it consumes 90% of my everyday life

* i have no friends n feel like such a loser...

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  1. 1) You can always have a relationship with God. If you were raised in church I am sure you know what to do to make that possible. Never rule how religion.
    2) It is no one's fault what another person chooses as their sexuality. Don't blame yourself for that. You were simply curious kids.
    3) Why do you care about your husband's ex? If he wanted her he would still be with her. You should be happy with the relationship that you and your husband have and forget she exist.
    4) I use to have that facebook addiction but I soon realized that I had to do something about it. It was ruining my life. I wasn't able to have friends other than on facebook. I couldn't get off my phone because I was completely consumed.
    5) There are plenty of ways to make good friends. Go back to number one. If you want to make good friends get into a good church and make friends. It's not that hard.


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