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Monday, July 19, 2010

Who knew stoners could be so violent

I just got my car back from my boyfriends machanics. He traded them firewood for doing the body work on the whole front end. Today we got in a fight and he put dents all over it saying 'he put all the money into it' I despise him!

If I didn't have a 11 wk old son with him id have left a long time ago!

I have very stinky feet for a girl

I'm 22 and have slept with 12 guys but made out with a couple hundred since I was fifteen. Didn't lose my v card tho till I was 18.

My boyfriends mother is wonderful and always shoves money in my pockets everytime I see her and tells me she understands how bad of a pot habit my man has and knows I pay all the bills so to spend it on myself. I don't want to lose her if I leave him.

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  1. 1) That was a very mean and hateful thing that your bf did. He seems very immature.
    2) There is no rule that says because you have a child with this person you must stay with them. If you are staying with a person for the sake of your child you are only going to hurt your child in the long run. Do you think your child is not going to eventually figure out that mommy and daddy don't really like each other? They do figure things out sooner than you think. You can always get away from that relationship without causing your child to lose their father.
    3) Can't help with the stinky feet issue. Never had that problem.
    4) You were a strong woman to keep your virginity til 18. I was almost 17 and after the first time didn't have sex again for a year. First experience was awful.
    5) If your bf's mother understands how he is she will understand you having to leave. I have been in that situation with my baby daddy. He never was on drugs, but he was a worthless father. I married him because I got pregnant. I wish I had never done that. However his parents knew how he was and they told me before I even left that if I ever left their son they would understand. They knew that it was hard to live with him. They always promised to be there for me and my son. They haven't failed me yet after almost 2 years. They are still their for my child and I whenever we need them. I am sure that your bf's mother will be the same way.


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