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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

What a prude

I'm addicted to sex, I love any kind of sex! Men or women... It doesn't matter. I can have the best of both worlds. I am fascinated with taking control and having my way. I love ass, I love licking, fingering, and fucking a female/male ass! My boyfriend always wants me to put my strapon on,and fucking him in the ass. He loves it! He begs for it. I love watching him fuck other males/females. Especially when he bends a guy over and we take turns fucking the guy. It makes me so wett!

I fuck my boyfriend, his dad, and 2 brothers all the time. They love filling all my holes at once. I love sucking his dads dick, while he fucks me. Then the brothers get their turn. I love it... Mmmmmm. My boyfriend is a freak and let's me penetrate his ass with whatever object I want to use. It's HOTT!

I've let my stepfather and stepbrothers have their way with me, we had an audiance. My mom often watches or videos all the action, and of course my stepbrothers always fuck my mom...I love feeling like a dirty little slut. My stepfather and I started having sex when I was 15, my stepbrothers already had
been paying me to suck them and their friends off at about 12. I love it! I love when they would all come on my face and tits. I always swallow every drop!

I love porn, I love gay porn! I love getting fucked in every hole. I love being watched. I masturbate at least 5 times daily.

I love letting old men fuck me!!

I have been having an affair with my youth pastor for the last 12 years. I love fucking married men. I have fucked several of my friends husbands and wives. I love what is forbidden...

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  1. I have a difficult time believing any of this is true..

  2. so it's not just me who questions the veracity of this post...

  3. I think this is fake! What do you think, admin??

  4. I seriously doubt that it is fake. While secrets 2 and 3 may seem pretty out there to most people, including myself, I feel that especially when it comes to our most carnal pleasures there is a range of possibilities that is unfathomably wide.

    Bear in mind, all, that even in this age of insanely fast advancement we have not even come close to duplicating the complexity and processing power of a human mind. Given that beautiful complexity, things like this are not only believable to me, but entirely unsurprising.

  5. I think the thing that seems most unreal to me is the comment about the mom being a part of it. I highly doubt any sane mother would happily watch their daughter get fucked by her husband and his kids. Then again, maybe this is just an insane family. :P
    It sounds a lot more like fantasy stuff to me than necessarily truth. Fantasies can be secrets, but they're not reality.


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