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Who's the man

1. I have had sex with 4 people in the past week.  I don't understand why sex is so important to me or why I feel the need to have so many partners.
2. I don't even enjoy sex.  I would rather masterbate.  I do like the intimate connection, I guess that's why I still do it.
3. The guy I had sex with last night almost beat the shit out of me and I loved it.  He scratched me.  He bit me.  He hit me. Pinched me.  All the things I have been begging other guys to do since I started having sex.
4. The first time I have ever had an orgasm during sex was last night.  This guy was really amazing.  It's nothing serious and he doesn't want to date me, but the sex is great.
5. For so long I have had fantasies of being raped.  I didn't really want someone to rape me but I wanted them to be really aggressive and show me who's the man.  This guy did that for me.  Now I feel bad about having sex with such a complete stranger that I am just depressed.  How can I be depressed after having the sex I have wanted for the past ten years???

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