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Friday, August 13, 2010

13 years too many

1. I truly dislike my manager but want to do him so I can bribe him and ruin his life and take away all his hard earned work even though he been there for 3 months and I been there for five years...

2. I ALWAYS put out on the first nighr and needless to say I never had a man... and I'm 25...yep...I see a keeper..*sigh* damn the hornball thought for my easy slutback ways.

3.My friend told me she had relations with more than 1 woman. We been friends for 13 years and now I don't want to be around her because she is gay..I feel bad but...ugh

4. I think my vagina is ulgy...its big lips and long...I hate it but love showing it cus the boys go crazy.

5. I would like to be ganged 5 to 15 men without a condom...just once in this god awful life time....a maybe I can finally stop putting out so fast...

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