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Pump it, but not in the fun way

1.I been wanting to have sex with friend but everytime alone I have a change of heart I'm married & I don't wanna jeopardize that for some pussy hell she got a h
usband to...

2. I just can't understand why I can't let go of my ex bff betrayal..this bitch completely stop phoning & contacting me & not even women enough to give me a reason atleast for closure purposes & she knows I'm hurting & ignore it & tell our 

mutual friends I want things to be all about me & that I'm always in the family said she was jelous of me the whole 13yrs we were so Called friends I think she wanted a relationship with me instead of casual sex that's probably where I went wrong at.

3. All mylife I been trying to figure out what I want to do with myself &decided to open an online store like ebay & found a bullshitting ass invester who I honestly think is no longer intrested just stringing me alone &I'm allowing it because he's my husband friend & I need the start up loan my unemployment is getting low &everyone is expecting this store & it makes me depressed because how do I tell them I Failed. husband been getting angry alot during our serious talks about improving our marriage not that we not happy but we need to keep eachother smiling.he had a supicious phone call the other day & I hope he's not having an affair I sacrificed being a mom because of his infertility problems & having spontaneous sex because he has ed & have to pump & mainly my sex drive has went from 7-1 being with the beginning when I met him he was with a girl &left her for me & they say how u start is how u end. ex bff I mention in secret 2 also told our mutual friends that I just married my husband to just say I'm married but that's a lie I've been engaged twice b4 him so I could of easily been married.she also said I'm not in love with him &she might be right but he's awesome & I'm not leaving my husband.

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