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Acts of love

1- I am in love yet I find it almost impossible to talk to the person I'm in love with because she doesn't feel the same way. 

2- I am completly lost in life and I wish I could figure out where I am going. I play it off like I have a plan for things but I never did and that is because nothing ever goes to plan anyways.

3- I am depressed but could never go to kill myself because there are too many people would be upset. I'm not depressed becuase people don't love me, it's because I don't love people as much as I act it.

4- I do love people who are close to me but sometimes I feel like they don't really like me back they are just pretending because they are sorry for me or because they have to like me for being family.

5- I wish I was never born.


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  1. 1- How do you know she doesn't feel the same way if you don't talk to her about it? Maybe she does feel the same way.
    2- As long as you are breathing nothing is going to completely go as planned. You can't let a little change ruin your day. If you do that then you will be miserable every day. Only you can make you happy.
    3- You should never feel bad about your feelings. You can't help if you don't love someone. However, you should never put on like you care about someone if you really don't. Its a good thing you know that people would be upset if you killed yourself. That's a very good reason not to go there.
    4- No one is forced to like or love you. Even your family doesn't HAVE to love you. If they act like they love you then I am sure they do. Hold on to the ones who are dearest to you cause you never know when their last day might be.
    5- Everyone is born for a reason. You just have to step back, take a look at your life and find your purpose.


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