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Human beauty

#1 My family is driving me insane. the constant arguing needs to stop. I cant stand how controlling these people are. what the hell gives them the right? just because they're my parents doesn't mean they know whats good for me.

#2 I seriously need cash. like if i knew how and a safe way to do it, I would have sex for money, or work in a bar. If only I had connections.

#3 I always blame myself for everything. any situation that turns out unlike how i planned... I just assume I could of done something to prevent. it.

#4 I think I was sexually assaulted but I'm not sure. I definitely didn't want to do those things with him and I said stop but... I don't know. Maybe I could of yelled stop.

#5 I love how my parents are so against people who are gay or lesbo or trans. I Love and accept everyone. I could care less. I'm not a lesbian but I have such an interest with the female body. Its truly beautiful.

(17 yr old Female)

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