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Hi All --

I'm pleased to say that Five Secrets Pro is selling like hotcakes. In the few days it's been available, we've already had downloads from 7 countries! Not too shabby, and thanks to all of my early adopters. 

A few days ago I had a post from a reader wherein she generously asked what she could do to help. First, I have to say thanks! Five Secrets is a responsibility that I cherish and make time for every day, and as it continues to grow there are all kinds of little things that will spur growth -- that means more secrets, better apps, and hopefully sometime soon, a mobile-friendly discussion forum. So, what can you do?

1. Start a Five Secrets thread on your local craigslist. A while back I got a big bump in search engine traffic, and I tweeted and posted on FaceBook about it to find out where the traffic came from. Soon a reader contacted me and said that there was a "Five things no one knows about me" thread on their local craigslist. The reader posted their own secrets and mentioned in passing that there was a website dedicated to the topic, and to just Google the phrase five secrets if they were interested. I got a nice bump in traffic, we got a nice big slew of secrets -- everyone wins. 

2. Tell a friend about Five Secrets. Nothing beats word of mouth and people love recommendations. Got a bored coworker or a friend who is struggling? Maybe Five Secrets is just what they need. Know a DJ, blogger, or anyone else in the media? Mention it or show them your app... see what happens. 

3. Pick your favorite Five Secrets post, print it, and put it up on a local bulletin board. Print off your favorite set of secrets... maybe even your own... and put it up on a bulletin board at the library, your favorite restaurant, the community center... wherever there is a place to put up flyers in your neighborhood. Make sure it says "Five Secrets" on it somewhere, or better yet, credit for the post!

4. Write the URL in random places. If you're out somewhere and they have a stack of brochures, a paper coaster, an old magazine at the doctor's office -- anywhere that no one is going to get mad at you for leaving a little message -- write in the URL for some curious stranger to find. 

5. Get the app. Five Secrets has free apps on both the App Store and Android market. Get it and show it off! A new, prettier version is #2 on my priority list after finishing the new Android pro app. iPhone, iPad, and iPod users already have access to the new Five Secrets Pro app. If you like the free app, buy it! You'll love all the new features. If you have any of the apps, leave a rating -- or better yet, a glowing review! 

So that's it. A bunch of simple stuff you can do to spread the word, and most of it won't even cost you a dime. I look forward to seeing what you guys can do. Regardless of whether you do any of these things, thanks for reading -- I wouldn't be here without you. 

Much Love,


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