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Nowhere to go but up

1. I sometimes think about the times I had with my ex-boyfriend, while I'm with my current. I don't think I'm over him.
2. I don't get abused by my mother or father or anything. I do, however, get abused by my younger sister.
3. I wish someone would be able to tell something's wrong with me, when I put on a fake smile and say "I'm fine". Everyone who I have around me now, that can tell, won't care enough to press the subject. So I keep things bottled inside me, until I go off at anyone.
4. I think about suicide but I don't have the guts to do it. I told my mom, and she's taking me to therapy. It doesn't help.
5. I have bad anger issues. Sometimes I just tell someone off right then and there, while other times, I find some dirt on them and creep my way into their head so I can tear them apart from the inside out. The second way, is my favorite. 

Bonuse- Lots of my friends are suicidal/depressed. My father died when I was 6. I grew up without one until the age of 12. It was hard having to write father's day cards to my uncle. Drama follows me wherever I go. I've gone through a lot of heartbreak. And I don't think I'll be able to handle another one. I'm only 14.

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