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Bed bug blues

(UN] Goddd, I have Bed Bugs ! They're REALLY annoying. I HATE THEM ! Its funny though cuz I've never seen one, but I know they bite me at night cuz every morning I wake up with like 3 or 4 red, swollen dots. I'm soo freaked out, that I got to the point of not sleeping anymore (right now is 9:40am - NYC Time) I really don't know what to do. I need help ! "/

[DEUX) I think one of them got in my ear. It hurts sooo bad and I feel something weird inside. Oh God please help me. I think I'm going insane cuz of them shits. I'm very scared :'(

(TROIS] My ex BF moved away to another state. I really gonna miss him, but after he moved we broke up cuz he didn't want to be with me anymore. Now I'm here dealing with a broken heart. That's another thing that its driving me nuts ! I'm sooo hurt. Words can't even describe how I feel right now. He was my first love, how can I forget about everything we "had" ? Its VERY hard. But I know that at the end of the day he was not good for me, so now I gotta move on and take care of me, myself & I. I just want my life back together like it was before cuz it deff. changed ALOT ; Hopefully one day I'll meet my Prince Charming. I still got Hopes :) 

[QUATRE) I'm turning 18 very soon and I'm sooo excited. I've been waiting for that moment my whole entire life. Lol ! ; I don't know, but for some weird reason I just want to stop being a Little Girl. I want to be independent. I want to have a Family. I just want to be more mature !

(CINQ] I want to learn how to Forgive & Forget at the same time. Sometimes I wish something would hit me on my head, so I can loss my memory and forget everything in the past and start a brand new Life ! That would be sooo cool, but also painful. Lol ! Guess I'll have to live this life day by day (Sighs).

* I have a Q. Why do people have to wait 2 days before seeing their posts here. Why not the very next day ?

[Admin Here: I have a day job and usually work on Five Secrets right after I get off work. If I posted everything next day, I would finish posting secrets in the evening and all the secrets I received overnight would already be late by the time I got off work the next day. It's just too stressful!

Plus, with 48 hours to post all the secrets, I have enough of a cushion that if I have to take a day off, I still can as long as I plan for it and make sure everything is current the day before. Five secrets will be 8 months old on the 17th and thanks to this rule, I've very rarely needed to post secrets late in spite of having a life, a job, and receiving no pay for any of this. If you don't like it, promote the site, donate, buy the premium app (which is in review for iPhone right now!) and maybe some day I'll have the leisure time to crank them out faster. --K]

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