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Beyond her years

1. My friend is in love with this guy that doesn't want her. But she doesn't kno that one day when I was coming home he was hitting on me an me an him had a big spark at the time I never knew his name.I also didn't kno that's the guy she is in love with. Today we chilled an I would out that it was him..... I kinda like him an his into me he was all over me.but I can't take this guy from her I did it one to many times to her
2.I'm fucking a guys brother . This kid ifeel in love with him. I was crazy over him .I cryed myself to sleep so many times .now I'm fucking his older brother
3.I have this fear that I can't get over.this fear ruins my life. I'm scared to make chooices if someone put 2 options in front of me id go nuts I wouldn't kno what to choose
4.I'm also fucking a guy who has a realtionship for 3 years. I feel so bad.but is itt my fault she can't please her own man
5.I'm 14 an ithink I'm mentaly distrubed about my age...I act,feel an believe my self that im17 18. Maybe its cause I don't chill with people my age expect 3 of my girls an there also like me

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