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Road Cherry Poppin

.1.  I've been raped twice and molested by my older brother when I was young. But they say one in three girls will go through some sort of sexual  abuse  so I see it as it happened to me because I'm strong and maybe the two other girls who would have been part of the statistic wouldn't have been able to deal with it as well.
.2.  I love love love having sex with new partners but I've caught 2 stds. One I took care of with a pill and the other was an sti that was supposed to go away after two years but I don't think it has, 3.5 years later.
.3.  I think normal life is so dull, I like living in a world where my reality is only limited to what my imagination can create. (aka: tripping)
.4.   I  still love my ex so much and still believe I'll never love anyone as much as i do him. 
.5.  When I was 15 most of my friends had already had sex but i hadn't but they all assumed that I had so I thought I had to so they wouldn't find out so I slept with a  friend of one of my friends in the back seat of my parents car while my friends were driving. He asked if I was a virgin and I told him no cause i didn't want my friends hearing that I was...  :(

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