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Big beautiful life choices

1. My man hurts me emotionally then tells me I make him want to kill himself. I wish if he was gonna tell me this a thousand times that he would just do it and get it the fuck over with!
2. I like it in the but don't tell my man 
3. I love driving...I could do it all day long just playing good music. I really love just aimlessly driving around. 
4. I love my dogs! And if my man "who doesn't like them" made me choose between him and pick them!
5. I love the titles u put on all the secrets....I'm actually surprised u come up with a different one for every single post! Crazy... 
I'm 22 and have my whole life ahead of me...sometimes life sucks but in all reality its 1 day out of the rest of my big beautiful life! And when something bugs me I just think "will this matter next year...or ten years from now" answer is probably be happy :) 

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  1. there are not enough bbw who think like you, stay happy and there are may men who would love u and the dogs


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